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Forest Ridge Elementary Band and Strings Program
Band and Strings Teacher:  Mrs. Mary Curry

Students who wish to learn a string instrument (violin, viola or cello) may begin as early as third grade. Students who wish to learn a band instrument can begin lessons in school in the fourth grade.  I recommend that students and their parents take some time to talk with me before deciding which instrument is the right choice for them.

In addition to lessons here at school, we encourage all students who sign up for band or strings to take private lessons with an instructor outside of school. Students who do so will receive more individualized instruction, will excel faster on their instrument, and will most likely perform at a higher level.                           

Please do not purchase or rent an instrument before reading all of the information contained in the website. It is crucial to your child’s success that instrument choice and brand is discussed with the teacher before beginning classes at school.

Please do not obtain an instrument from the Internet or from a warehouse or department store. Instruments which are not of the quality necessary for your child to succeed in lessons will not be acceptable for class. Many websites claim that these poor quality instruments are "teacher approved."  This is almost always not true. In my opinion, those words are included to sell inferior quality instruments. Please consult me before purchasing any instrument such as this. There is often a "no return" policy, and most area music stores will not repair them when they fall apart. Low quality string instruments purchased over the internet often come with unnotched bridges.  I am not able to put notches in bridges and area music stores will not put notches in them, either.

Here is a link to an article that I hope you will find helpful about renting/purchasing a quality string instrument for your child:

Please feel free to contact me at any time by email at: Mary_Curry@hcpss.org




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